Fuji Jpeg Guide Companion Page

This is the companion page for my Fuji Jpeg gudie. Here you can find any updates and bonus content that comes out between versions of the guide. Any errors found will be listed here too between updates.

[UPDATE] 14th Feb: I have released a quick fix update which addresses the issues found below. To get the update, log back into your account and re-downlaod the guide. See here for details how. 

The update just fixes the error below (and one other typo) and because it's only a small change I did not update the version number, and so the filename is still the same.

Check back for regular updates


(Resolved as of 14th Feb)

Page 42. In the table for recipe 4 where it says "Acros or Monochrome" it should read "Classic Chrome"

(An update has been issued to fix this already)