Welcome to the companion page for the the Fuji Lightroom X-Trans Guide. 

On this page you will find any additional information about the book, updates, extra content and so on. Check back regularly for updates and new information.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (October 11, 2016) :

Just a quick note about the updated Fuji X-Trans Lightroom guide and the companion presets. The I updated the guide to version 1.5, in my haste to get the update online and live I missed one set of presets in the download. This has now been fixed, and you can re-download them from your account page or the link below. 

Thanks to a customer this was spotted pretty soon after the upload, so if you have set 5 in the download then you don't need to worry about this. If set 5 is missing, just re-download the presets and it should be updated with the missing files.

Apologies for the issue.


Download Companion Files

If you bought the book from Thomas's Digital Download store, you should have also gotten a link to the companion preset files. You can download them from there, or alternatively you can download the companion Lightroom Presets that came with the book from the link below. If you purchased the book from iBooks or Kindle, You can also download the companion files from the link below.