Workflow & Settings For Processing Fuji X-Trans Raw Files In Capture One

This is a PDF version of my online guide for processing X-Trans files in Capture One. This short guide attempts to cover the main settings that I use to get good results from Fuji X-Trans files. It is written specifically for Fuji X-Trans shooters who are using Capture One.

It’s not a full tutorial for the Application, because it’s such a complex application, but instead offers some of my own insights into using the software, and some of the common settings that I use, and showcases some of the workflow approaches that I take.

A free version of this guide is available in two parts on my Blog. 

This special PDF version has been formatted for you to print for your own personal use, or it can be read on an iPad.

This guide covers the following topics:

  1. Changing the Capture One Default Settings
  2. Suggested Sharpening Settings
  3. Suggested Variations in settings
  4. Workflow Tips
  5. Handling Raw + Jpeg Pairs in Capture One
  6. Some other common adjustments
  7. Outputting Images and Sending back to Lightroom

Format: PDF
Formatted Size: A4
Pages: 19